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Dhar Mann

Hi, I’m Dhar! I’m a mission-driven entrepreneur and filmmaker focused on ideas that have a massive positive impact on the world. The videos I create have resonated with so many that now over 52 million people follow me on social media and are part of my #DharMannFam.

My team and I at Dhar Mann Studios have created hundreds of videos about life, business, and relationships that have been viewed over 22 Billion times! Drawing from my own personal experiences of success and failure, I strive to create powerful messages that resonate with global audiences. My mission for creating content is simple: We’re not just telling stories, we’re changing lives.

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  1. Amanda Petties

    Amanda Petties

    16 timmar sedan

    People please stop

  2. The BFFs Channel

    The BFFs Channel

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  3. Lauren McWhirter

    Lauren McWhirter

    16 timmar sedan

    I almost started crying. Thanks Dhar Mann

  4. Cool cat crafts❤️✂️

    Cool cat crafts❤️✂️

    16 timmar sedan

    Dhar mann you are my idol it would be a dream come true if I ever saw and met you 🥰

  5. Stanky


    16 timmar sedan

    This is a really sad story and I kinda cried on the inside..

  6. Acrozz Gaming x

    Acrozz Gaming x

    16 timmar sedan

    It's always a car accident

  7. Wyann  Seaquest

    Wyann Seaquest

    16 timmar sedan

    This would never happen tons of mixed family's i was in one of them nobody says anything its not the 1950s

  8. Aeden


    16 timmar sedan

    bro the wife a 3:58 do be smilin tho

  9. Faith Hudson

    Faith Hudson

    16 timmar sedan

    his man say hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm you sure it your sonnnnnnnn?????? me IAM B.L.A.C.K bro leave

  10. Suriname Musical

    Suriname Musical

    16 timmar sedan

    Psych Sike

  11. ✦Princess buni✦

    ✦Princess buni✦

    16 timmar sedan

    Goodness I wish the adoption faster because I’m getting a adopted by my aunt and uncle. They keep on moving the adoption until like three months from now

  12. Chakram Bleu

    Chakram Bleu

    16 timmar sedan

    That father is too pliable. If I am made to feel uncomfortable I would not no matter what the wife and son says go back to that vendor.

  13. Laura Vargas

    Laura Vargas

    16 timmar sedan

    hey i love ur vids im on my moms computer

  14. Naomi Ramsey

    Naomi Ramsey

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  15. Haifa Plays

    Haifa Plays

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  16. Samuel Strother

    Samuel Strother

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    great-video welcome

  17. Daniel Wolfe

    Daniel Wolfe

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    I watch the Royal royalty family a lot

  18. cherryniki


    16 timmar sedan

    i have a idea for a video. you should make a video of trans kids dealing with homophonic parents?

  19. jordan Camberos

    jordan Camberos

    16 timmar sedan

    your vids make my day



    16 timmar sedan

    Epic video



    16 timmar sedan

    Were not just telling storries were changing lives

  22. Jacob simpson

    Jacob simpson

    16 timmar sedan

    This is the best one yet

  23. Lavea Seed

    Lavea Seed

    16 timmar sedan

    Karen’s lips gave me goosebumps

  24. Jack Ryan

    Jack Ryan

    16 timmar sedan

    Bless you bro

  25. ✨•softie•✨


    16 timmar sedan

    Ray from the promised neverland

  26. StraightArrow


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  27. Hannah Weatherbie

    Hannah Weatherbie

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  28. Nevaeh Moses

    Nevaeh Moses

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    I love your videos but spy ninja is butter

  29. ✔️


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    He’s not just making videos, he’s curing everyone’s boredom.

  30. Anna_uwu :3

    Anna_uwu :3

    16 timmar sedan

    POV:ur in a char Mann vid

  31. INF3RN0


    16 timmar sedan

    Why is the boyfriend 26 years old?

  32. Laryne Rayos

    Laryne Rayos

    16 timmar sedan

    I always watch your videos everyday

  33. xyhro


    16 timmar sedan

    I hope everyone pursues with their dreams, don’t give up 🌟.

  34. Ignited WhiteNeonWarrior

    Ignited WhiteNeonWarrior

    16 timmar sedan

    i wish i had a brother like jayden since he'd put me in the mind to study over playing video games and show me the right way when i need it

  35. Jozie veve Gabriela

    Jozie veve Gabriela

    16 timmar sedan

    Me:omg I'm crying🥺😣😭

  36. The Halo

    The Halo

    16 timmar sedan

    Mikey lost at the cheating game now he is trying play a another gane

  37. Janese Murray

    Janese Murray

    16 timmar sedan

    I don't like when they explain to people



    16 timmar sedan

    Racism is the most stupid thing in the history of humanity

  39. Stepan PLAYS

    Stepan PLAYS

    16 timmar sedan

    1:16 Him: these are 300 dollar shoes Girl:here is 200 dollar shoes!!

  40. Beach Bum Power

    Beach Bum Power

    16 timmar sedan

    If you want to reduce racism, stop watching the news.

  41. Louis Coremin

    Louis Coremin

    16 timmar sedan

    Nobody should be judged for anything. People need to think before they open their mouths.

  42. tiktok favorite

    tiktok favorite

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  43. Electricged50


    16 timmar sedan

    Dhar Mann goes crazy on car accidents when it comes dying

  44. Michael Alt

    Michael Alt

    16 timmar sedan

    This brought tears to my eyes

  45. Seriahna Osborne

    Seriahna Osborne

    16 timmar sedan

    Bailey:” dies” Travor: I was just about to do that

  46. Tiffany Thorne

    Tiffany Thorne

    16 timmar sedan

    Am I the only one waiting for rebal

  47. DxsiredMath


    16 timmar sedan

    I have the same shirt as Ray- 4:16

  48. Doggo


    16 timmar sedan

    I don’t know you all but I know Dhar Mann....

  49. Mike Penrod

    Mike Penrod

    16 timmar sedan

    *) *)

  50. Fox’Pelt


    16 timmar sedan

    *Lets seeeee.* *scans a female and a male* *They are not aliens. They also look the same. Just different voice and hair style!*

  51. Minato


    16 timmar sedan

    help those who in need Thank You!

  52. Ahmed Qais

    Ahmed Qais

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  53. Sydney LM

    Sydney LM

    16 timmar sedan

    Boss: *sssnnniiiffffff* you smell like fLoWeRs 🌸 Me: *sniffs at the screen* you smell like a creepy af perverted piece of shi-

  54. diana Layne

    diana Layne

    16 timmar sedan

    So you see you had to be told what happened before you can believe it's their son ,never judge a book by it's cover ,,and never assume ..

  55. The Sharks

    The Sharks

    16 timmar sedan

    He’s not just fighting racism, he’s ending it.

  56. Halogod Chief

    Halogod Chief

    16 timmar sedan

    Plot twist the other guy was his birth father

  57. YT Cool Bear

    YT Cool Bear

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  58. Stefan


    16 timmar sedan

    I was literally eating hot dogs and they where like how about some hotdogs

  59. Troll Kenobi

    Troll Kenobi

    16 timmar sedan

    "THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!" Bruh, you would've been suspended if you used someone being gay as humiliation

  60. Of course, Why not?

    Of course, Why not?

    16 timmar sedan

    If ever (like in reality) someone cheated but changed. It’s not bad accepting your Love’s child (example if someone cheated tho it depends on a situation IG)

  61. Heidi Peterson

    Heidi Peterson

    16 timmar sedan

    did anyone realise that the first puppy they saw was named king but then Dani named layla queen but then their own puppies they call them prince and princess did anyone realise?

  62. Delsy Zepeda

    Delsy Zepeda

    16 timmar sedan

    Hi 👋🏻

  63. Anime Nerd

    Anime Nerd

    16 timmar sedan

    Voice crack 5:21

  64. PearlLightningFlower


    16 timmar sedan

    I love the mom and the dad looks old but I don’t judge

  65. Mohadaily


    16 timmar sedan

    So you see...

  66. Sergio Alvarez

    Sergio Alvarez

    16 timmar sedan

    karen alert

  67. Aries Mutuc

    Aries Mutuc

    16 timmar sedan

    “Autism isn’t an disability. Think of it being a different ability.”



    16 timmar sedan


  69. RainingCloud


    16 timmar sedan

    yoo jayden just threw his headset like: bai

  70. Alondra Hernandez

    Alondra Hernandez

    16 timmar sedan

    I think I did ask you one of the puppy or even a dog because you see when I was 10 or 9 my mom and dad by everything something that I belongs or pets because we never have a pet any longer younger's day one time or parents they went outside and my sister and my brother and I we went waiting from the car then my mom and dad they found a puppy I don't know what how they found him but I did not record my parents that they found a puppy I just saw them and so is the puppy weekend name that his name is scrubby he was so cute and fuzzy and he doesn't take a shower a little he always get trouble but we still love him 💙

  71. conner blatz

    conner blatz

    16 timmar sedan

    the song got copyright so it played random music

  72. Eshy


    16 timmar sedan

    I don’t get it, this doesn’t happen in real life haha

  73. Jason ._.

    Jason ._.

    16 timmar sedan

    They alway treat on what color they are

  74. ls ls

    ls ls

    16 timmar sedan

    lol that black man sure can act

  75. Colin Foster

    Colin Foster

    16 timmar sedan

    Very cool

  76. Giselle


    16 timmar sedan

    That guy that got the free hot dogs he could get food for just telling his story to people and getting them sad for free food

  77. Freddy Assalt

    Freddy Assalt

    16 timmar sedan

    he went from his enemy to his best friend

  78. Harish Kaushik

    Harish Kaushik

    16 timmar sedan

    Why can't they just assume the kid is adopted? I would do that if the child and parents are different races