Student CHEATS On FINAL EXAM, Instantly Regrets It | Dhar Mann

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- Student CHEATS On His EXAM PT 2:

- Judging Others:



00:00 Student CHEATS On FINAL EXAM
07:51 Dhars Outro
08:11 Recommended Video To Watch Next

Idea By: Jayden Mann
Written By: Dhar Mann
Director: Mario Rodriguez
Editor: Ruben Ortiz
Composer: Tyler Hindsley
Senior Manager: Ruben Ortiz
Pre-Production Manager: Kat Davila
Casting Associate: Daniel E. Carrera, Lauren Parsons
Project Managers: Nix Villarubin, Hope Mueller, Jacq Balmeo, Sherri Salazar
Production Assistant: Carlos Orellana, Elisandro Gonzales
Sound: Noel Palacios
Casting Support Services: Breakdown Services

Mikey - Kaido Lee Roberts
Jayden - Brendan Schroeder
Teacher - Colin Borden
Mom - Katherine Norland
Student 1 - Jillian Trachtenberg
Student 2 - Devina Hale
Student 3 - Kayla Nguyen
Student 4 - Isabella Semidey
Student 5 - Juan Pedro Semidey
Student 6 - Christian Ware
Student 7 - Matthew Kendall
Student 8 - Ajani Taylor


  1. Dhar Mann

    Dhar Mann

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      What you believe you can achieve

    • Theguywhomeows • 30 years ago

      Theguywhomeows • 30 years ago

      15 dagar sedan

      Please make videos of Kaido Lee Roberts and Brendan Schroeder more often!

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      Chy Chys Corner and more

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      Mikey playing fnf

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      Danique Lumsden

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    • Ghost


      Månad sedan

      He made a rookie mistake he should of used a Calculator

  2. Maple Music

    Maple Music

    2 minuter sedan

    They're taking Final Exams in elementary school? Wow.

  3. Zoelicious Muhangi

    Zoelicious Muhangi

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    I was about to cry omg your videos so good 😂😆

  4. Andrea Salcedo

    Andrea Salcedo

    14 minuter sedan

    2:13 I would be suspicious if they knew my teachers name0-0 And the exact final

  5. Reni


    15 minuter sedan

    What game is he playing? Is it Roblox?

  6. Jennie james

    Jennie james

    18 minuter sedan

    hey dar man i always study on my tests but my parents say if you lie you will never be good soo even if i get a c or an f my parents say it's okay cus you didn't lie there still mad but they don't ground me only if i lie about it

  7. Fortnite Ava

    Fortnite Ava

    29 minuter sedan

    I like the fact you added fnf

  8. MilkyFrost


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    imagine having dual monitors for roblox

  9. Carolina Rodriguez

    Carolina Rodriguez

    42 minuter sedan

    No he cheated he cheated he cheated because he found Mr. Wilson’s dog when Mr. Wilson the dark web

  10. Malak the observer

    Malak the observer

    44 minuter sedan

    I have 3 things I noticed 1.michadl:is unsure Me:sees that it says mute Also me:that's impossible! 2.get the new improved ipad that can LITERALLY STAY ALIVE AT 2%,if you dont understand,look at the top right of the iPad when he shows the answers 3.idk if its just me but since when was fnf a mobile game too?

    • Malak the observer

      Malak the observer

      43 minuter sedan

      For 1 I ment unmute but I missed up

  11. Supremely_Stupid


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    3:57 FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN’ IN A DHAR MANN VIDEO, Everything we ever wanted.

  12. Spakwi


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    0:39 How could the teacher hear him when the mic was still on mute?

  13. Neil G Tharun

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    Go to your room. Now! at 7:01

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    Cappucino Trex

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  15. Nicole Parianos

    Nicole Parianos

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    Has anyone noticed that when Mikey said “hello hello can you hear me” he was on mute? Then Mr Wilson said “yes we can hear you” LIKE HOWW!?

  16. Draptic


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  17. Drip whitty

    Drip whitty

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    The blue one is better and His behaviour is better



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    3:57 He is Playing fnf

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    Ghoul Kylo

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    Axel’s Gaming 1342 YT

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    2:10 Dude, charge your iPad ._.

  27. TheDevDevs Shade

    TheDevDevs Shade

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    These 7 year olds are learning algebra and geometry??

  28. FaZe Lewis

    FaZe Lewis

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    Watching this makes me wanna get better at school

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    Movie Sonic

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    I just realized he is playing survive the killers in Area 51 in roblox

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    3:55, Friday Night Funkin’

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    Cozmo and squishy eagle 800 bros

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    마이크 & 크리스탈

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    Jesus loves you!

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    Marciano J Barreto

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    Mom says there are no shotcuts to success you have to do things the right way

  45. Scavenger Rx

    Scavenger Rx

    4 timmar sedan

    if they are in like 3rd or 4th or 5th grade why are they learning algebra, but its acted so yeah, also at 1;59 , 1 i dont think anyone cheats now, except for my ''friends'', i think they acting sus during tests, and 2 your the loser ok, and finally 2:23 they learn, or be screwed up and fail and dropp out from schools. im just acting like this is real

  46. Domintore


    4 timmar sedan

    Murderer this child he never listen

  47. Cryptic Master

    Cryptic Master

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    He deserves that ps5 it's good to cheat

  48. Xx_Grape_And_BlooberryxX


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  49. Braw. Pro

    Braw. Pro

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  50. Braw. Pro

    Braw. Pro

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  51. Milo S.

    Milo S.

    4 timmar sedan

    Why does everyone thing that you need to have camera on and you need to be unmutted. You need to have your camera on but you cant be off mute unless you raise your hand virtually or in real life and the teacher calls on you.

  52. Mathew Saji

    Mathew Saji

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    Jaydens voice is so cute

  53. B o Y ♬

    B o Y ♬

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  54. imso old

    imso old

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  55. LPS Dingo

    LPS Dingo

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    Wait does that book say algebra 11? What grade are these kids in?? Because at first I thought they were 6 years old then I thought maybe they’re in grade 6 but then recently I thought grade 5. Now I’m confused.

  56. • Bunny •

    • Bunny •

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    4:00 nice he's playing fnf

  57. -°[Stacy]°-


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    shafiq islam

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  60. Readyplayer1


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    Jordan just needs to tell mom for Mikey and everything is okay

  61. Cotton Andy

    Cotton Andy

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    THEIR MOM BUYS THEM A DAMN PS5 FOR AN A ON A TEST? Lmao I did hard work for 10s upon 10s of hours to save up for a pc and switch (and I got all As) But hey if you’re a parent and this motivates your kids to get good grades, then alright. Also it is just a video so idk

  62. Semo Miti

    Semo Miti

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    Those 3 look like a family 😘

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  69. Mikseng A Sangma

    Mikseng A Sangma

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    Did anyone notice in the first scene when Mikey was video calling on com the Mikey in com was moving when he wasn't moving

  70. Zidane


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  71. SilverPaw YT

    SilverPaw YT

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    Are we just going to ignore the fact that Michael was playing Friday night funkin at 3:58 ??

    • Zidane


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    • 𝐛𝐥𝐱𝐬𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐬


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  72. Shivam Patil

    Shivam Patil

    8 timmar sedan

    The test is online and the teacher is coming to thier home for giving results Like BRUH And secondly does this mean that the teacher goes to every single students house and give them thier result

    • Shivam Patil

      Shivam Patil

      7 timmar sedan

      @Zidane yeah, some vids r illogical

    • Zidane


      7 timmar sedan

      this is why dhar mann's video have no logic

  73. spvnka


    8 timmar sedan

    lol i cheated to pass finals got alot of stress off my back

  74. Tey Tey

    Tey Tey

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    X_X I just found it yes y’all are Cool😎

  75. Donjeta Gashi

    Donjeta Gashi

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    his brother pogged



    9 timmar sedan

    Mickey dum he has the q why he does not say to his brother that i an't solve these q and take the ans as he know the q dumb

  77. Rania Fernanda

    Rania Fernanda

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  78. Kuumeketu Uusiku

    Kuumeketu Uusiku

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  79. •?Devil's creation¿•1025

    •?Devil's creation¿•1025

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    Bacon fat

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    Queen kat🦋💍

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  82. thea calalo

    thea calalo

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    So you see There are no shortcuts to success you have to do things the right way

  83. Tyse Williams

    Tyse Williams

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    How did mr Wilson know Jayden wasn’t cheating to

    • Zidane


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      I was also thinking of that, lol

  84. LouisPlayz Arsenal

    LouisPlayz Arsenal

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    LOL HER mic is mute AND HE IS TALKING

  85. Nicholas. A

    Nicholas. A

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    “we went over algebra👶🏼” bruh ur like 4 i’m going into 8th grade and only took pre algebra and we don’t even have final exams yet we just have “eog’s” and how is he in the same class as his brother edit: im kidding i know it’s just a skit



    10 timmar sedan

    Im happy when Jayden only plays on ps5



    10 timmar sedan

    3:36 devil's laugh

  88. harche gaming

    harche gaming

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    he plays area 51 roblox no wonder hes busy but who is he talking to hes just killing npc's not real people i wonder why

  89. Big J

    Big J

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    Is it just me but I can't get over the fact that Mikey was playing "fnf" and hitting all the notes just by tapping the screen randomly

  90. Vince Gaming🎮

    Vince Gaming🎮

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    *When you go on google but there no little box thing*

  91. Benjamin Owens

    Benjamin Owens

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  92. frog


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    i cheated in algavbra cus noio one likes it and hwo listens in there :)

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    Muiz Mateen Low Marcus Mikhail Low

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    MadBiscuits 2000

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  97. BB502 Rudra Gobinda Deb

    BB502 Rudra Gobinda Deb

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